Howard Eskin Declares he Will start a BLOG


So I ACCIDENTALLY left WIP on as Howard came on.  Eskin started off today’s evening show with another slight tussle with Anthony Gargano (The Cuz) regarding the Super Bowl’s MVP so I decided to listen for a sec.  The Cuz once again proved his prowess and superiority over Eskin by outdueling him AGAIN with facts and logic, something Howard seems to stray from.  Eskin, moronically, proclaimed his idiotic and asinine opinion and completely disregarded some constructive criticism when Anthony expressed his true sports insight to Howard.  The King of Morons seems to believe that one catch awards you the Super Bowl MVP.  He continues to express that fact that David Tyree’s LUCKY grab over the middle, should render the trophy proclaiming the games best performance.  I will kindly disagree with that NIT WITS opinion and have to side with a true sports writer in the Cuz, that Eli was deserving of the award he did RECEIVE at the completion of Super Bowl XLII.  Eli who has been playing on another level all playoffs led his team to victory over the 18-0 Patriots.  ELI, not David Tyree, orchestrated the only defeat the Patriots suffered all season long.  So please Howard, let me hear some real logic and insight as to WHY, your boy: David Tyree, should win the MVP.  

Howards REASONING and FACTS for Tyree’s MVP Bid:

“Ahh come on, Eli was NOT MVP” – Great Insight

“Eli was not driving in his MVP car” – WTF

“Dont tell me, I know what I said, Jet Lag This, will ya” – HAHA, I hope they have a delay before this stuff goes on the air

“You know what you can do, you can bend over”

 – Dont let your kids listen to this Guy folks.


David Tyree: 3 catches, 43 yards, 1 TD

His lucky grab was 32 yards, that leaves 2 grabs for 11 yards.  So I just checked the ESPN Poll, and 59% of the popular vote is for Eli.  The next closest is Justin Tuck with 19%, followed by Other with a whooping 7%.

Next on The King of Moron’s brilliant agenda of topics, The Fraud, proclaimed he will start a blog to attack fellow bloggers who dont seem to agree with his opinions, or lack there of.  Genius Howard, more positive publicity.

After about 7 minutes of his annoying and retarded voice I wanted to punch myself in the face while chucking my radio out the window resulting in a prompt radio dial change. God how do people actually enjoy listening to this man.


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2 responses to “Howard Eskin Declares he Will start a BLOG

  1. Do yourself a favor, listen to WPEN 950 from 3 to 7 — The Jody MacDonald Show. Much much much much much more intelligent sports talk.

  2. I will definitely check it out today, anything is better then listening to that moron. It blows my mind he has a job and is regarded as the top Sports Talk Radio personality in Philly.