You Know What Really Grinds my Gears: When the Internet Craps Out

How does this happen?  Don’t they have technicians working round the clock to prevent this sort of thing from happening?  I have been in my office since 8:00 this morning.  The internet and my email were working for approximately the first 35 minutes of the day.  Then, the CRAP OUT.  ESPN starts thinking, emails stop coming in.  F*&$ Me! Since that time (8:35 am) I have been sitting here, listening to WIP, reading the newspaper and now, writing this post.  The time: 11:15 am.  How does one expect to conduct business without the means of Internet or Email in this day and age?  Not only can I not do my regular work, I can’t cruise the internet in between doing my regular work, and this my friends is what truly frustrates me to no end. 

I can’t even post this post that I am writing.  I am writing it in Word, to save and post later.  I’m heading to the john for a while to “Release” some frustration on that piece of white porcelyn.  Time: 11:19.

Wow, coffee will get ya.

11:36 – That was a long one. Still no internet.  Getting really T-O’ed over here.

12:01 – Nada. Ughhh WTF!  Get me outta here, this is pointless.  Long lunch for sure.

12:35 – Still no ‘Net.  OKK people.  Why am I still sitting here?  So we changed our payroll procedures, and I know have to report my hours online every two weeks.  Just found out that I have to have that in by the end of the day today and can only do from my work server, which, whatta ya know, DOES NOT WORK.  If I don’t get paid next week, I’m gonna freak.  Not cool.

1:05 – FINALLY. Back up and running.  Time to post.

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