Allow Me to RE-Introduce Myself….

Doesnt really pertain to the (215), but Lebron is GLOBAL. 

Cleveland Cavalier superstar Lebron James is a free agent at the end of the 09-10 season. Same said 09-10 off-season the New Jersey Nets will be making their move from East Rutherford to Brooklyn. 

The Nets happen to be just one of rap mogul, Jay Z’s, semi-recent investments. Jay Z and Lebron happen to be very close friends and even recently celebrated Lebron’s 23rd birthday and Jay Z’s club opening, together pg2_w_lebron_jayz_275.jpgin Vegas. 

Everyone knows when you hear Lebron speak about being the one the best in the league, he always mentions how his aim is bigger, not to be just an NBA superstar, but a global icon.  Achieving this goal, although close already, is not easy to do playing in Cleveland, Ohio. What better stage for his stardom to explode then with his friend, the Jiggaman himself, in the biggest city in the world, New York, New York.

So, some food for thought; you heard it hear first people, during the 2009-2010 off-season Lebron James will become a Brooklyn Net. 

If …. WHEN Lebron ends up in Brooklyn, look for him and the Nets to take over and dominate a city that has been ruled by the Knicks for 50 some odd years. And the bricks for a powerful team are already being put into place. Forward Richard Jefferson should still be around, point guard Devin Harris should be in his prime, an already impressive big-man rookie Sean Williams, and a young talented back-up point guard in Marcus Williams.  And lets not forget those two first round draft picks just obtained in the Jason Kidd trade, to go along with their own.  Look for the Lebron James led Brooklyn Nets to be a young, exciting, up and coming force in the East in the 2009-2010 NBA season.


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6 responses to “Allow Me to RE-Introduce Myself….

  1. I heard about Jay and Lebron from a story over on Highbrid Nation and I honestly don’t see Lebron leaving Cleveland to be with Jay. He seems like one of the few athletes around today with integrity and loyalty. I could be wrong though.

  2. At the moment I agree, but where else would he go (right now) that is. Cleveland provides a place where he is the first, last, only option on the team and the biggest figure in medium sized market. I think hes very smart, and knows by then (2009-2010) he will be the best in the League. To me it makes sense for him to get on a global stage (New York City) as he will be in his ultimate prime then.

  3. Chris

    I can easily see this happening, Bron and Hov pairing up. Although after the recent 11 player trade the Cavs made to “please” Lebron, it is already evident that the Cavs front office will answer how high when James says jump. But will it be enough? I don’t think so. LeBron has been in Ohio his entire life, and I see fleeing for the bright lights of the big city once he has his chance.

  4. Jel Kiper

    I heard about Lebron to Brooklyn forever ago and I am not even a pro basketeball guy. I am pretty sure ESPN has touched on it on multiple programs. Also, NYC is not the biggest city in the world. That is a very egocentric Americanized view on the world. For those keeping score the biggest city in the World is Mumbai, India or Shanghi, China if we are judging based on population.

    If I was Lebron I would want to be in a bigger market, but I dont think NY is the only place he could become a goldal icon. Any of the major cities would do: LA, NYC, Phila, Boston, Dallas. Winning championships will help the most.

  5. Whats a ‘goldal’ icon?

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