Patterson Ridin’ Dirty

So I’m sitting at my girlfriends house flipping through the channels before heading out for the night and what do I see come across the screen prior to a commercial break.  Good old DT Mike Patterson has been charged with marijuana possession after a police officer found a small amount of the drug in his car after a fender bender.how_to_roll_a_blunt.jpg

Come on bro, you gotta be smarter then that.  According to the report the officer smelled “burning” marijuana.  You couldn’t even put out the blunt!   Geez Mike, you are a public figure now and CANNOT be doing this.  At least CANNOT be getting caught doing this.

According the to the report:

Patterson and his brother, Tyrone, were arrested Feb. 16 shortly after 6 a.m., in Evesham Township, NJ.
Police had approached their car as it was parked on the side of the road with some visible damage from an accident, said police Capt. Jeff Gural.

A police officer smelled the scent of burning marijuana and found some inside the car, police said. Mike Patterson, who was the car’s driver, admitted the marijuana was his, police said.

Mike Patterson was arrested without incident and charged on a summons with possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana. Tyrone Patterson was charged with resisting arrest for trying to pull away from the officers.

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