Who is the UGLIEST Philadelphia Sports Athlete of All-Time?

We all know that the star athletes always got the hottest girls in high school and for the most part that translates to the pros as well. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, Kris and Anna Benson to name a few. But there are some dudes that just play simply for the love of the game because, grant it, they couldn’t get a girl if their life depended on it. In Philadelphia we have seen our fair share of ugly mugs, so that begs the question; Who is THE ugliest Philadelphia sports athlete of all-time?

Without further ado, the nominees please:tyilll.jpg

Tyrone Hill – First things first, the skinniness of his head is grotesque, creating a skeleton look which is thoroughly defined in the cheek region. He could be possibly the ugliest player to have ever graced an NBA court. I’m not even sure he plays anymore due to the fact that he was giving small children nightmares, but why bother with details when someone has reached this level of ugliness. I believe he keeps both of his Escalades parked in his enormous nostrils. If he has somehow managed to procreate I fear for our future.


Rod Brind’Amour – Man this guy has one ugly grill piece. His nose must have broken over 100 times to obtain that robust shape. Rod should block more shots with the left side of his face. That is the only hope he has to fix that 90 degree angle nose he’s sporting.

Sal Fasano – Sal has a face not even his mother could love. Those flowing locks, the perfectly trimmed handle bar mustache, that rock solid body. Sometimes I think Sal may have gotten beaned in the face about 134 times. He is so ugly that his shadow is afraid of its shadow.

Ike Reese – A fan favorite in the city and new voice of 610 WIP Ike Reese has to be one of the ugliest Eagles in Philadelphia football history. The lopsided shape to his dome is fascinating and it seems during his football days he embraced many a hit with the left side of his skull.



My Vote:  My vote has to goto Tyrone Hill. A savvy vet, he was a Sixer during two different stints in his 18 year career. I will always remember Tyrone Hill, not for his accomplishments on the court, but for his heinous appearance, on and OFF the court. He was tough to watch, in more reasons then one for those of you who saw him play. But hes a winner in my book, winner of the Philadelphia’s Ugliest Athlete Award. Congrats Ty.
There are way to many to list them all, but some other notable ugly Philly athletes: Mike Ricci, John Kruk, Darren Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, Bobby Clarke, Reggie Evans, Dikembe Mutumbo, Jon Runyan, Jamal Mashburn, and Shawn Bradley to name a handful. Please feel free to add to the list.


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4 responses to “Who is the UGLIEST Philadelphia Sports Athlete of All-Time?

  1. OConnor

    TTyrone Hill hands down, no argument here. Black Skeletor reigns forever in the world of ugly philly athletes

  2. Calvin Booth is one UGLY son of a Bitch. Completly forgot him when this was written. Check this photo.

  3. PEter

    I gotta go with Tyrone, though Calvin Booth ain’t too easy to look at either

  4. Yea there are tons more. We should come back to this post annually to update any new arrivals in town. Calvin Booth is pretty fuggin ugly.