REPORT: Sheppard out? Asante and Fitzgerald In?

As the NFL free agent period opens this Friday, February 29th, we are already beginning to hear serious grumbles around the (215) that our Philadelphia Eagles could be very active.

The latest winds blowing around my sources, are that the Eagles will heavily pursue former Patriots CB Asante Samuel. Also if the Patriots fail to come to terms with a one Randal Moss, the Eagles will also be in the mix of teams vying for his services.

Lately we have all also heard about Lito Sheppard’s unpleasantries with Eagle brass and more specifically his contract. The Eagles are also apparently seriously trying to hammer out a trade, sending Sheppard to the Arizona Cardinals for WR Larry Fitzgerald. Now this could be contingent upon Asante sporting midnight green first, but we are not sure at the moment.

The Sheppard for Fitzgerald talks seems to make sense for both sides. One of the Cardinals glaring needs going into this off-season is secondary help, and Sheppard would be an instant fix to that problem.

More to come……..


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2 responses to “REPORT: Sheppard out? Asante and Fitzgerald In?

  1. CowboysNH8RsMustDie

    “Cardinal’s Pro Bowl wide out has gone public with his unhappiness” – What the freak?????

    I’m sorry, but mentioning on some hack Philly radio show that he wouldn’t mind playing in Philly IF he were traded doesn’t mean he’s ‘unhappy’. What a crock.

    I live in Phoenix and Larry has been nothing but civil and stand up guy. Cite your source if you want to spew false information like that.

  2. Chris

    Although I absolutely cannot stand the NITWIT, but I do listen to his show whilst working. On one Howard Eskin show, when he was in ZONA…it was out of Larry Fitzs mouth more or less…i mean the guy aint just gonna out his team and franchise, but it was definitely implied