Should Michael Beasley Change his Name to Michael Beast-ley?

michael-beasley-pic1.jpgIn my opinion Kevin Durant has nothing on Michael Beasley.  This kid is flat out phenomenal.  With his 44 points and 13 rebounds last week against Baylor he eclipsed Carmelo Anthony’s NCAA freshmen record number of double-doubles (was 22 – Beasley has 24 with 3 games left).  He followed that up with a 30 point and 15 rebound performance in a 74-65 loss against one of his toughest Big 12 opponents, Texas on Monday night. 

How great would it have been if Durant had stayed and we could have seen that matchup? One for the ages, thats for sure.  Durant would have to matchup against Beast-ley or K State’s other stud, Bill Walker.  I can picture Beast-ley dominating Durant all evening on the glass and in the paint.  The only hope Durant would have would be his little turn around fade from about 15 and knocking down some 3 balls.  Beast-ley and Walker would be way to much to handle inside, as they both hold probably 50 pounds over Durant’s skinny ass. 

If the Sixers could somehow, someway get this kid, OH how the landscape in the Eastern Conference would change.  Imagine a starting five of : Sam-U-el, Beast-ley, Thad, Iggy, and Andre.  That would be one exciting, high-flying squad to watch night in and night out.  They would instantly become contenders in the weak East and have to be the outright favorites to win the woeful Atlantic division.

Kansas State will face sixth ranked Kansas in Lawrence on Saturday (3/1/08).  This will most likely be his toughest opponent with the likes of Darrell Arthur, Darnell Jackson, and Sasha Kaun all getting a chance to guard him.  If Beast-ley can pull out a double-double against this team and finish with 25 double-doubles for the season (30 games), he should seriously consider an official name change.  Because un-officially I am calling him Michael Beast-ley from now on.


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4 responses to “Should Michael Beasley Change his Name to Michael Beast-ley?

  1. MoneyMike

    He is a Michael BEASTLEY…….breakin melo’s freshmen records with a week of games to spare….TTTTTAAAANNNKKK IIITTT Sixers, get this Beast pllllease, this Michael Beast ly

  2. Jel Kiper

    The Sixers are stuck in mediocrity forever. They win just enough games to suck the next year

  3. I will contribute most of the mediocrity to Billy King. I hope Ed Stefanski can pull us out of this hole we have been in for a while. Give it time, give it time my friend

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