Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t Believe the Hype

Source: Update on Wide Receiver Hunt

March 5, 2008

Jel Kiper here to report some info that I found this morning.

A source close to the situation, the same person that broke the Asante Samuel signing to us, has confirmed that the Eagles will seek Roy Williams or Chad Johnson in a trade. The source told us to expect the Eagles to bring in a big name wide receiver this offseason. Asante Samuel was number one on the list and a big name receiver was a close number two. The Eagles are currently sitting tight awaiting to hear about the Larry Fitzgerald negotiations, but they will also seek Roy Williams or Chad Johnson if the Fitzgerald deal seems unlikely.

This confirms earlier reports by OTR that the Eagles are indeed loading up for a run. Eagles fans should be very excited that the Eagles organization is ready to take the team to the next level. Pieces are being put in place and hopefully all goals will be accomplished this offseason so the Eagles can make a Super Bowl run.

Don’t believe the propaganda that Reid, Banner, and Spadaro are throwing out.  They cant seem desperate, even though they are.


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5 responses to “Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t Believe the Hype

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  2. Dustman

    Why would this propoganda be bs if we went after Randy why is it so crazy to go after another top 10 wide receiver?

  3. Jel Kiper

    Because they are now downplaying the NEED/want for a top flight WR. Saying dont expect a top WR just because they went after Moss. Reid was on Eskin tote’n the company line and Banner/Spadaro were saying the same thing. They are trying to get a WR, but can not seem desperate so other teams take advantage of them.

  4. Dustman

    nice make sense but it seems like the only thing they could take advantage of would be a draft pick because lito seems like he is the main part of any deal that would go down so thanks for explaining it

  5. Jel Kiper

    Exactly. There is a big difference between Lito and a 3rd round pick and Lito and a 1st round pick.

    Or Lito and a 2nd round pick this year and next years 1st rounder.