So Takeo Spikes gets cut, clearing $5 million in cap room. Is the other shoe about to drop?

My immediate reaction to the Eagles cutting Takeo Spikes is that it is a very sound move.  He was not much better then the young guys and it freed up cap space. He made a lot of nice goaline plays last year, but like the rest of the defense he could not catch an INT. Spikes injury history and age had a lot to do with it, but I believe this move more then anything shows that the coaches are very impressed with their young group of linebackers. I believe this means that Double J’s either likes Stew Bradley at MLB, Gaither at the WILL, and GoCong; providing the defense with even enough versatility to go 3-4 (would look like this).

  • D – Line : Howard, Bunkley, Patterson, Cole, Abiamiri (3 of these 4, great combos in different situations)
  • LB Corps : Gaither, Bradley, Gocong, Clemmons


They like a MLB in the draft. Most likely Dan Connor because he is a local guy and a F-in stud.

The fact that Eagle brass also freed up $5 million in cap space could be the hint that another move is on the horizon ….. ahhhem Larry

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