You Know What Really Grinds My Gears: You PENNDOT!

home-bannera3.jpgAs many of you probably already know, Pennsylvania has been heading the charts for the WORST roads in the U S of A for a while now.   According to a recent survey conducted by Overdrive Magazine, Louisiana jumped passed us to take the number one spot.  Mind you, Louisiana did just recently go through a natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina) which was basically the sole reason that caused them to take the top spot.   Uhh the last time I checked, the state of Pennsylvania’s last natural disaster occurred in 1889 during the Johnstown flood. 


Our roads are fucking terrible and somebody needs to get on that ASAP.  Recently I had to tend to a flat tire on 76 during peak rush hour due to a gi-normous pothole that I could not avoid unless I felt like slamming my Audi into the side of the guard rail.  Yea it was awesome.  Actually I would never wish that upon anyone, even my mortal enemy (well maybe).  I was coming home from the Sixers Lakers game this past December with Chris and decided to head to my buddy’s place in Manayunk.  Five miles from the Kelly Drive exit and “KABOOOM”.  Probably one of the loudest sounds my car has ever made; so loud that it felt like the doors around me were going to fall off.  I had to meander to the right side, as the flat happened in the fast lane and had to continue to ride on my rim until I could find enough room to pull over near an on-ramp.  Once I found a few feet of room I went to check and realized I couldn’t even get out of my drivers side door to fix the tire (front drivers side) due to the speeding traffic flying by my door.  Ahh anyway, you probably get how it ends, me being extrememly pissed off, struggling with the tire, yada yada yada.. long night.

Has anyone been on Route 309 in the last 5, 10, 15 years?  Is the construction project on that road EVER going to be finished? 

Take a look at your W-2 which has recently grazed across your desk, specifically box # 17.  Then think of how much PENN DOT sucks.  Yea, its fucking annoying.

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