March Madness Brackets

It’s Championship Week. Selection Sunday is just around the corner, so let’s get to the details.

WHAT:  Inaugural (215) Sports NCAA Tourney Bracket.
YOU IN?:  Request an invite via email, all accepted 
                               Request Invite
FEE:  $10 entry per bracket, can enter up to 3 brackets.


RULES: Your basic bracket with a $10 entry fee per bracket. Can enter UP TO 3 brackets.

Money is due by the tip of the first Tournament game or you will be axed from the group. Payment is accepted via Paypal, to When entering your payment via Paypal, please stipulate the bracket name(s) that correspond with your entry fee(s).  Cash if I know you.

Round Weight Bonus
Round 1 1 Add Seed
Round 2 2 Add Seed
Round 3 4 Add Seed
Round 4 8 Add Seed
Round 5 16 Add Seed
Round 6 32 Add Seed
Add Seed – Points equal the seed number of the winning team added to the weight for the given round.

Good Luck to All!

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