AI’s Return – Top 10 Countdown: #4

No. 4 – Breakin’ Ankles and Becoming a Superstar

In the final weeks of the Answer’s rookie season, the Sixers were just playing through the schedule as another lottery bound off-season was approaching.

Michael Jordan and the defending (soon to be re-peat) champion Bulls came to the “CoreStates Center” in the first week of April.   Allen Iverson gave us one more to add to his Rookie of the Year highlight reel as he was isolated at the top of the key with the game’s greatest, Michael Jordan. The fans stood and called for his patented crossover, and in true A.I. fashion he delivered, breakin Jordan’s ankles and bringing the “CoreStates Center” down one final time in his inaugural season.

Number 4 in our Allen Iverson top 10 moments in a 76ers uniform, AI versus MJ.

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