AI’s Return: Top 10 Countdown: #1


You knew it when you saw number two.  June 6, 2001 Staples Center, the city of stars Los Angeles, California.  Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

The raucous STAPLES Center crowd began chanting “SWEEP, SWEEP,” even before Game 1 began, and the Lakers looked the part by scoring 16 straight points early on jumping out to an 18-5 lead. However, clearly relishing his first appearance in the NBA Finals, Iverson was incredible for the first 2 1/2 quarters, scoring 38 points as the 76ers took a 73-58 lead.

Then the Lakers inserted rarely-used Tyronn Lue who was a surprise player on the Laker playoff roster. Lue even imitated Iverson in practice for a week leading up to Game 1 in order for LA to practice defending the Answer. Guarded by the speedy Lue most of the rest of the way, Iverson scored only three points until his flurry in overtime. Iverson broke free and hit a pull up transition 3 pointer and then with 48.2 seconds remaining, a highlight for NBA Finals history was made.

Starring Lue down baseline in front of a standing Lakers bench Iverson broke down Lue off the dribble, pulled back, hit a 20 footer, and EMBARASSINGLY walked right over top a fallen Lue.  A moment that no Philadelphia sports fan will ever forget. The bucket sealed a thrilling Game 1 overtime victory over the previously un-beatable LA Lakers. The most unforgettable moment from the unforgettable 2001 Finals  season.

The number 1 moment in Allen Iverson’s Philadelphia 76ers career…..


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5 responses to “AI’s Return: Top 10 Countdown: #1

  1. I was in 8th grade when I saw that play. Every time I would make a three on NBA Live, I would literally get up and walk over whoever I was playing. Good times! lol

  2. HAHA thats awesome… in the middle of the video game? Thats hilarious, might do that if I ever pick up the sticks on a new NBA game soon.


    AI was never appreciated by any of the fans in philly im glad he left and even though they lost last night he still looked like the AI of the old BOO sixers

  4. IH9Philly – I can’t agree with that even a little bit. What do you mean he wasn’t appreciated in Philly? He was the most beloved Sixers’ player and Philly athlete in general since the Doctor (Yes even more that Charles).

    The fans boo when teams suck and every team has a player that is the central figure that is the scapegoat who gets much of the blame. A.I. and every superstar knows that. But if you heard his press conference after the game and any other time he has spoke about the fans in Philly, it’s clear he doesn’t feel unappreciated the way you seem to think he was. His beef was always with the organization.

  5. Jel Kiper

    IH9Philly – He looks like the player of old, your right. He scores around 30 a night and his team will miss the playoffs…..sounds about right