NFL Draft Preview: Chris Johnson

The gold grille pieceChris Johnson, RB, East Carolina

5’11   197 lbs   4.24 – 40 yards

Pros:  Extremely fast and elusive.  Very explosive.  A complete terror to tackle in the open field.  Fantastic receiver with outstanding hands.  Runs very good routes and has great vision as a RB and a WR.  A very versitale weapon RB, WR, KR and dangerous at each position.  He is a standout weight lifter so if very solid and strong for his size.  He averaged 227.69 all purpose yards which lead the NCAA.  He was 24th with 109.5 yards rushing per game and is only the 24th person in NCAA history to gain over 6,000 all-purpose yards.  After suffering a toe injury which limited his production in 2006 came back in 2007 and put up 1,423 yards rushing with a 6.0 yard/attempt, and 17 TD’s, 528 yards receiving on 37 catches with 6 TD’s, along with his kick return production.  He was #4 in vertical jump and #3 broad jump for RB’s at the combine.

Cons:  A little small for a RB, does not pick up blocks well, tried to bounce too much outside.  Durablity is a concern.  Does not have a true position and is a bit of a WR/RB ‘tweener’.  He is not a very physical runner.

How he fits with the Eagles:  Just imagine having a Reno Mahe, who was athletic, explosive, and everytime cj.jpghe touched the ball in space you got that feeling semi hard feeling in your pants you get when #36 gets the ball in space.  We need playmakers and that is what Johnson is.  He fits perfectly into Reid’s philosophy, being a great WR/RB and can contribute as a KR as a rookie too.  He is also from a smaller school, which means the Eagles can reach for him in 2nd round and not lose a beat.  He is projected anywhere in the 2nd round from early to late.  Oh yeah, he has a nice gold grill piece which goes along with our 2008 philosphy.  Reid knew we needed some bling to compete.  Also, every year I fall in love with one prospect.  Last year it was Patrick Willis and in 2006 it was Brandon Marshall, Antonio Cromartie, and DeAngelo Williams.  This year it is Johnson.  He has superstar written all over him.


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  1. Where is he projected to fall?

    Also….they said B West was small too…so, maybe that’s not a con.

  2. Jel Kiper

    He is projected anywhere in the early to late 2nd round. I figure with DMC, Mendenhall, Stewart, and Felix Jones will all go before him and CJ is right there with Ray Rice as the #5 RB. Running a 4.24 40 opened some eyes though, his versitility has to help him too. I dont think he lasts to our 2nd round pick. I am hoping a trade up/down or something gets us an early 2nd round pick to give us a shot at him. Get an OT at 19 and then take our 2nd and something to get an early 2nd and take CJ. Or trade with one of the teams early who will be looking for a 2nd round QB like Miami, Atlanta, etc and see if they want to move back into the 1st for their second and something next year…..

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  5. Fozzie


    no chris johnson in philly

    please shut up……..u r emberassing yourself


  6. jel kiper

    your named after the Sesame Street and you are worried about me being embarassed? You got any reasons you dont want Johnson or was that thought provoking post all you got?

  7. jel kiper

    Sesame Street, Muppets, who cares….

  8. Fozzie

    mostly because there is no need for another RB in Philadelphia ass basket….

    westbrook, kevin jones, buck, tony hunt and moats.

    Hunt will be a key factor in the powerback hunt. Jones will be decent when he is healthy and buck and moats…one will go now as it seems….probably moats. Jones runs with alot of power and could be a great compliment to Westbrook. Who knows he may even be able to stay healthy with the reduced role.

    if sweed drops we get him if not James Hardy (despite off field problems.)

    if not…Top LB/S or even DE will come our way but the first 2 over the latter……its obvious that with all the moves the team has made recently RB is not part of the concerns they are addressing, if the eagles picked Johnson id be shocked….PISSED and shocked……..dont need him.

  9. Jel Kiper

    Fozzie, were you up late eating Miss Piggy’s bacon? Your speaking jiberish….

    I don’t know if you are a 13 year old kid or just one of Howard Eskin’s moron listeners, but either way you don’t know shit about the Eagles.

    Kevin Jones?! Are you serious? First of all he is not an Eagle. Second of all, he has been injured his enitre career. Third of all, Johnson is a WR/RB, he can play either position and is good at both, Reid loves versitility and he can start right away as a KR. He is a much much much more dangerous version of Reno Mahe (who was obviously loved by Reid).

    Also, this is a draft preview. I already previewed Hardy who I really like, but he has worked his way into the first round and there is a SMALL chance the Eagles spend a 1st round pick on a WR. They will be looking for a OT or a DE as well and there is much better talent at those positions that should be available. You really think they are looking at a LB? Is that why they straight up cut Spikes? They have Bradley, Gaither, Gocong, Akeem Jordam, Togafau, and now Boiman. If they draft a LB it will be late in the draft.

    Moats has been a complete bust, he does not protect the ball enough to contribute, Buck is a great RB, but just completed his first season in what 3-4 years? I was at Penn State for Tony Hunt’s entire career. I know more about him then most Eagles fans. He is a good power back, a great blocker, and has good hands. I expect him to contribute, but that does not mean the Eagles are not looking for a HR threat on offense, which is exactly what Chris Johnson is. The Eagles did not need a RB when the drated Moats either, but they wanted an insurance policy to BW. CJ fits all these bills, so whats the problem?

    Please keep your stupid comments to yourself. I mean you basically just destroyed the little bit of creditablity you had when you spoke so highly of Kevin Jones who is still a Free Agent. I am not saying I would not like the hometown guy, but this was not a post about Free Agents you dumb ass.

  10. Fozzie

    yes, up all night eating bacon…sorry…..Jonew is already goint sign, well reported on many fronts and even if he dosent, we dont need Johnson

    they are looking OLB, that is a fact, we dropped Spikes as a cost cutting move….the talent at LB in pjhilly is great with omar chris and bradley….DE…yes we will make a play, but dont eat your own shit saying that they arent looking at LB…they are….If hardy or sweed are there at 19 the wr will be taken…i dont agree with it…..but hardy at 6’7 i cant be too angry…

    moats is a bust that is why i said he would be dropped…you DID read that right??? I agree with Buck as well, but you take the workload off and there ya go he lasts…same for jones when/if he is there….Tony hunt is going to be great…all of that means we are NOT going after Johnson…..EOS. I will guarantee he isnt an Eagle.

    hey fucktard, before ya go blabbering your cock hungry lips at me, lkets see…who has actually worked in philly sports? oh thats right.,…not u.

    with or without KJ in philly….johnson isnt coming…shut the fuck up. I would expect a preview…no matter how plagiarized, would have some sort of credence to the team you are talking about.

    it goes


    RB possibly in late rounds…but who the fuck cares by then

  11. Jel Kiper

    You got it man. With phrases like fucktard I am sure you were involved in Philly sports. You dont know me so how do you know what I do? You don’t. Back to my original statement. It is a draft preview. The Eagles part is HOW HE COULD fit in. If you dont think the eagles need a playmaker on offense, a HR threat at KR, and a veristale RB who can also catch very well, then you dont know anything about the birds buddy.

    Why would we draft a LB in the first round? They need depth at LB, not a starter. Wr is a possibility, I have said that in previous posts, so you are not saying anything new.

    A Philly sports employee who writes Kevin Jones is an Eagle……hmmmm….a guarentee that one player out of 400+ wont be on a particular team is a pretty easy thing to say. Bottom line is that you have proven you dont know much bud, so cut your loses and move on man.

    P.S.- I love Tony Hunt and have for years. He will not be GREAT in the NFL, he is a role player and change of pace RB.

  12. hahaha this I love Eagles Fans! hahahahahaha WE ARE FANTASTIC. That was the nastiest display of brotherly love from 2 fans of the same team EVER.

    BTW….The Foz does know his shit. Dissent is what these boards are for!

  13. Jel Kiper

    Admut – your right only in Philly would these brutal arguements of people on the same team happen. It is great. Eagles fans are the best!

    I am sure Foz knows his stuff. He is involved enough to search out Eagles blogs. But KJones as an Eagle was a pretty big mistake and a LB in the first round is not even a need, it could happen, but it is not likely. The birds did not draft a 1st round LB when they NEEDED one.

    He also took this section of the blog as a prediction section. It is simply a preview draft prospects and how they COULD fit into the Eagles.

    The Eagles thought they needed Reno Mahe midseason and brought him back . CJ is Reno Mahe only skilled and explosive, so there is more then a ZERO chance he could be considered if he falls to them.

  14. Fozzie

    With phrases like fucktard….fuck yeah….FUCKTARD…i can use it, you can count on it, and ya be one…. I guarantee ya i was heavily employed in th trenches of Philly sports…I dont know ya, but I guarantee ya couldnt hold a candle to my knowledge or experiences….. and you would be surprised who is in fozzie’s stable. So I dont know anything about the birds ASSUMING that KJ was going to be an eagle…but hell keep focusing on the part where u claim i said he ALREADY WAS….but then again, if he is or ISNT johnson is not needed.

    It depends who is there, they still need a nonstopper there, depth all over in DE as well, but a player that can come in and START at olb especially would be a big help. hell we dont really NEED a starter anywhere, so i am not sure where the STRATER you are saying we NEED is? NOW you say that we could get a starter at WR but 3 posts ago u said it was stupid…..which is it?

    I have actually proven, you dont know anything except for what ya steal from other sites.

    Tony hunt could be exactly what we have been hoping for in a powe back….nobody said he had to be LT, but power he does have and will be a big role player……again another reason why Johnson wont be in philly.admut….are you high or gay…or both….cant tell


  15. williamjdoyle

    Fozzie, you silly bear. I couldn’t follow your argument because I went to college.

    A note for your future rants: Don’t be so quick to use the ellipsis, which is the set of 3 dots indicating a break in your speech. (…) It is 3 by the way, putting more than 3 doesn’t make the break any longer, it just makes your writing even harder to follow. The ellipsis is a privilege and you are abusing it. There is just no reason for that many .

    Unless you have really bad asthma. In which case, I apalogize. I feel like a real jerk.

    Can you give us a hint into what field of Philly sports you are involved in? Or was involved in? Are you Billy King? Or are you the busboy at Chickie-n-Pete’s?

    I guess cleaning up Jon Runyan’s eaten wings can be considered being “in the trenches” of Philadelphia sports.

    Why would you ask Admut if he was high or gay or both? Do gay guys act a certain way when they’re high? Ever suck dick for coke?

    I think Admut was trying to give you a compliment. I have a feeling you don’t get too many compliments do you? It’s okay. We’re here for you Fozzie… let… go…. of …… the… hate.

    Okay, you can get back to crying or jerking off or crying while you jerk off, whatever it is you do.

    Much love.

    The Doy.

  16. Jel Kiper

    Follow me here Foz.

    We might draft a WR in the first round. I say that because I am smart enough to know that the draft can fall a lot of different ways and if the right guy is there at #19 then the Eagles would look to it.

    You said you want an OLB who can start in round one? When we had huge holes at LB the Eagles did not use a 1st rounder on a LB. With Gocong and Gaither already there, young, and starting why would they NEED a rookie LB in round 1 to come in and start? They don’t.

    It is pretty ridiculous that you are taking the draft preview as a prediction for the Eagles draft day. For the last time, it is a preview of players and how they COULD fit the birds.

    You are saying the birds don’t need CJ because Hunt is there? They both play RB, but can Hunt line up as a WR? a KR? Can Hunt take a hand off and go 64 yards for a score? Hunt is a power back and CJ is a HR threat.

    Although they have a hole at DE (which they filled with Clemmons and they love Abiamiri), they have two aging tackles (thought is Herrimans moves to LT, Max Jean at LG, and Justice moves to RT when needed), and need some help at safety, the eagles seem to be going all out this year.

    Draft a WR and he won’t play his rookie year, a tackle will be on the bench for the year, there is no need for a LB we are young and solid there, maybe a safety could start so they very well could go safety. They do have the luxury of drafting an impact player or someone who could be an added weapon to the offense and special teams. Both Reid and Heckert said an explosive KR/PR is a top priority.

    I am just saying that everything is speculation. CJ could fit this team, to say he has no place is ridiculous. I don’t care what trenches of philly sports you claim to be a part of because you write like an uneducated kid from a third world country, so I will assume you are either Howard Eskin or you are full of shit. Either way I could care less about your opinion since it is not insightful, not thought provoking, and contains inaccuracies through out it.

    Work on your reading comprehension too. I can see that writing is not the only thing holding you back from mastering the English language. I never said the Eagles would get a starter at WR. It is pretty obvious they have been trying to get a #1 WR and there is a small chance they draft one in round 1, but that player (a rookie WR) won’t really contribute his rookie year. With CJ, he WOULD contribute as a KR, COULD spell BW at RB, and COULD learn enough to contribute a few plays at WR (maybe). Meaning overall he would contribute much more then Sweed, Hardy, or any other 1st round WR since he can contribute in many plalces. (even though if CJ was a 2nd round pick, in theory we could have both, but might be too complex for you to understand.)

    I tried to bury the hatchet. I tried being nice and saying you probably did know your stuff. It did not work so I will be honest and clear. I think you don’t know shit. I think you sit at home and talk shit on message boards because you were always picked last in gym class. Admut tries to give you a compliment and your call him gay and high? You have to be 15. Your posts scream of puberty. Spend a little less time on message boards and little more time after school with your English teacher.

    By the way, your dad collecting trash in Plymouth Meeting and every other Thursday getting the route that drives past Andy Reid’s house does not make you in the trenches of Philly sports. I can’t wait to read your next post. I bet it is filled with Kevin Jones references and broken English.

  17. Foz probably uses his tears as lubricant while crying and jerking off simultaneously

  18. Fozzie

    no tears for lube….i have….asthma….and….and one ….teste…….sorry.

    thanks for the grammar tips….i .,…will….remember…..that when i am polishing my journalism degree from an Ivy league university.

    I know admut was paying a compliment, i know him off line and the gay question is just something i wonder.

    a wr drafted fast would not be benched the whole year, Lewis should be cut and that would give him SOME time.

    not thought provoking? i dont care, what I am saying makes more sense in REALITY than bringing CJ here….sheeesh

    I wish i could sit at home and drool over my own “insightful” blog although that is impossible, since I have a real job….sorry.

    its online blogs, i will not type proper here, and i dont give a shit if you dont like it.

    maybe the draft preview to me was taken a bit like a prediction and for that i apologize, but all i said was “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no johnson in philly, and u asked me to follow through. I realize that Hunt and CJ are different types of WR, i just dont feel we need CJ here, Are you sold on Clemmons? I am not, i think more help in the front would serve the team nicely. We shall see.

  19. Jel Kiper

    I agree Clemmons is a limited role player on that line. I think DE might be the most important position to address in round 1. It is also a position that could see the field a good amount as a rookie (as long as it is not McDougal again).

    CJ is a second round guy, I think he could help the team as an electric KR and a change of pace guy. He could be a Devin Hester type ( more of a poor man’s Devin). I wont lose sleep if they DONT draft CJ. I just think it is a potential fill for a need the birds have.

    I am not sold on Desean Jackson, Limas Sweed, Manningham, or Devin Thomas having the ability to be a #1 WR. I wanna see what Kelly runs in his pro day. I also like Hardy…But this is Andy Reid we are talking about. Do you really think he will draft a WR in the first round?

    I hear that the birds have shown interest in Bowman, Hardy and a few other 3-4th round WR types…

    Foz, you have a real job and you are working on an Ivy league degree? How do you find time to search out blogs and comment on them? What do you do and what ivy league school you going to?

    I have a degree and a job, I just would rather sit around and drool over my blog. ( TIP- drool is a better lubricant then tears for jerking off)

    Adding a LB in round 1 does NOT make more sense in REALITY then draft CJ in the second round. We have 3 starting, young LBs on the roster. Unless they feel they need another LB for depth and to run a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense. Still I dont see them drafting a LB in round 1. Maybe Dan Conner, Linebacker U, hometown guy, flat out stud, but not likely

  20. Fozzie

    i found the blog on tip from one of your usual readers.

    i DONT have a whole lot of time, but thanks for the lube tip!

  21. Fozzie

    and i HAVE an ivy league degree…lol…..from 1998