Let’s Hit the Links

  • Should UCLA have won that game against A&M? Foul or No Foul? Check out the pic and you be the judge.

  • 610 WIP Rumors – Stevey and Cuz no more? MacNow to Middays?
  • The latest Cheerleader Photos.
  • Brandon Marshall, WR for the Denver Broncos claims he sliced his arm on his television that crashed onto him after slipping on a McDonald’s wrapper in this article. Hmm, interesting story Brandon, not sure if I believe that to be entirely true.
  • The Denver Nuggets could make playoff history … by NOT making the playoffs. Sound weird, exactly, just read the article.
  • Britney Spears returns to primetime television tonight with a slutty guest appearance on ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Oh, you can also bid on her wardrobe from the show, details here.
  • MUST SEE VIDEO – Kid is obsessed with MySpace and FREAKS on his brother who tries to delete his account.
  • Are you a woman in search of a job and have an unusally large ASS? Well the career of your dreams is waiting for you on Craigslist. $100/ hour ladies, get your asses in gear (no pun intended).
  • “If you know of dwarf talent in another city we are running this in, please have them contact us ASAP.” HAHA, there is some crazy shit on Craigslist although this event would probably be hilarious though.
  • A nice ‘made-up’ mailbag over at OTR. Fake Q & A with celebs and famous sports figures.
  • KILLIN’ the standings in my Tourney Pool after 2 rounds. We did an add the seed scoring system and this guy (me) had the San Diego Toreros and Western Kentucky (even had W. Kentucky advancing).
Group Standings




1 The_Game_Cox 222 35
2 dustman 189 34
3 OMan 183 36
4 Pubby 181 35
5 C Murda 175 32  
  • Hot Chicks with Douche Bags DOT com. Hilarious. Todays Douche: Where’s Waldouche: Miami Vice Edition. And while you’re mulling over your vote in the Weekly, somewhere, buried deeply within this lineup of Miami Beach Cheerleader Playthings, I’ve carefully hidden a Fratty Waldouche.

    Look closely.

    Can you find him?

    Hint: He’s the one who’s paying.


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2 responses to “Let’s Hit the Links

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  2. Jel Kiper

    The Game Cox is a fraud. He has UCLA winning it all and they should not have even beaten Texas A&M. I think he is part of a point shaving investigation….

    I dont want to ruin Jel Kipers image, but if I was on a boat with that many sexy chicks, you can call me whatever the hell you want…

    7 days till Philles opening day! Can we get a countdown clock?