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I am current subscriber and reader of Men’s Health, which by the way is a very informative and intriguing magazine and I would almost actually compare it to Maxim. It has a lot of beneficial articles pertaining to a mans sex life, work, hobbies, sports, health, yada yada and everything under the sun. I finally had some down time at work and decided to read my newest issue (April 2008) which I received a few weeks back and found a ton of interesting information I decided would be worthy to share here.

Oh and for the single man (or if you just want to impress your lady friend) there is 50 amazing meals that you can cook in less time then it takes to have a pizza delivered. All 50 delicious dinners are protein packed and are designed to boost your metabolism and steer you in a healthy and delicious direction. I suggest you pick up this issue just for this, I’m surely going to use it. I understand this sounds like a shameless plug, but I actually like this mag and do find it very beneficial.

Now time for some interesting shit from Men’s Health.
Did You Know

  • That Philadelphia International Airport is rated Tops for making a love connection, with 16 bars, 7 lounges, 57 restaurants, and frequent delays.
  • Tuition plus room and board for 4 years at an in-state college now: $54,400
    Estimated cost in 2028: $180,075
  • Tuition plus room and board for 4 years at an out-of-state college now: $96,200
    Estimated cost in 2028: $318,400
  • Amount the average American was saving in 1985: $11 for every $100 earned
    Now: $0 for every $100 earned
  • Out of 100 (100 being the worst) Philadelphia ranked #99 for the Worst Teeth in the US of A.
  • GROSS: With the simple flush of a toilet fecal pathogens can splash out of the bowl and settle on nearby surfaces, including YOU. Unfortunately, ingesting as few as 10 particles of various viruses or bacteria can cause a slew of nasty symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and vomiting.
    Your best defense? Always close the lid before you flush, and of course, wash your hands please
  • The number of years people add to their life when they eat 5 servings of produce a day, and drink alcohol in moderation: 14
  • The number of seconds a man spends deciding which condom to buy: 7
  • The number of muscles you send into fat-torching mode during sex: 143
  • The number of calories burned during 1 hour of foreplay: 118
  • Percentage by which your immunity improves if you have intercourse once or twice a week: 30
  • Percentage by which your risk of dying of heart disease dips if you have at least 2 orgasms a week: 50
  • Percentage decrease in your risk of prostate cancer when you have 8 – 12 orgasms a month: 11

15 Things a Grown Man Should Never Have:

  1. A black eye
  2. A witty email signature
  3. An empty refrigerator
  4. PlayStation thumb
  5. A key chain w/ a bottle opener
  6. A lucky shirt
  7. An unstamped passport
  8. A secret handshake
  9. Less than $20 CASH in his wallet
  10. A name for his penis
  11. Any beer that costs less than $20 a case
  12. The need to quote movies
  13. A futon
  14. Code words for ugly women. Actually, code words for anything
  15. A Nerf hoop in his living room


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5 responses to “Did You Know…

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  2. Dustman

    no quoting movies come on

  3. The number of muscles you send into fat-torching mode during sex: 143

    The number of calories burned during 1 hour of foreplay: 118

    No wonder most dudes jack off and call it a night

    I kid..I kid

  4. “PlayStation thumb”

    LOL !!

    OMG, baseball season is going to start, I realized… something else to distract Sixers fans from what their hoops team is doing ?!

  5. CiCi – I prefer the full workout, but thats just personal opinion.

    Ricky – 4 days encounting however I am a bigger Sixer fan and cant wait to see some playoff action, its about time.