Where’s the Imodium?

Well 215 fans, another Opening Day is upon us and on my morning drive into the office today, as on most mornings, I flip between 610 am and 950 am’s morning shows.

In doing so, I have become more and more sure DIA-Rhea Hughes is just about as enjoyable to listen too as the runny, watery, delightfully smelling diarrhea as her name suggests. 

I am almost positive that I despise Dia-Rhea more then that rhea_1.jpgCOCK-A-ROACH on WIP between the hours of 3 and 7 pm.

This morning was just another case in point. In a rather humorous conversation between Cataldi, Greg “the Bull” Luzinski, and former Phillies pitcher “Wild Thing” Mitch Williams, in which the Bull stated “the only way I’d ever hit a inside the park HR is if all three outfielders collided and burst into flames.” The subject then turned to how unfortunate it was that Luzinski’s career was chopped down a few years early due to knee replacement surgery.

Next, Dia-Rhea decides this is the perfect forum to go into a tangent about how she will not trust doctors.

You see, Dia-Rhea detailed they(doctors) don’t really know anything because someone in her family was really ill for a year and they couldn’t diagnosis it. Then one day her mother goes into a library does her own research and tells the doctors hey is it possibly this? TAAAA DDDAAAA; said family member is cured. So not only is Dia-Rhea Hughes’ mother Doctor House in solving this one in a million case in which the licensed, trained professional doctors couldn’t figure out the infection, it also causes Hughes to never take a doctor’s word …  in her words for the last 15 years.

Dear Dia-Rhea,

A woman with the true face for radio, and an equally delightful voice, it is time for you to move along Dia-Rhea and please rid the airwaves of your “lovely” presence.  Your voice sends chills down my spine and you have no relevance to SPORTS RADIO what – so – ever.  You were most likely hired because you are truly a bitch and would have cried “foul” for not getting the position. Go jump off the Walt Whitman please.

Thank you, that will be all for now.



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3 responses to “Where’s the Imodium?

  1. smartalec44

    I keep searching for a current blog about the antics that go on at wip. Something with a lot of volume that I can enjoy reading and occasionally add a comment. But so far I’m coming up with NADA. Even the so called celebrities don’t seem to have any active comment writing blogs of their own. I guess their truly afraid to receive honest criticisim of their daily exploits. And BOY , do they deserve to be criticized.

  2. 610 blows now. Havent put em on the radio in god knows how long.

    Upgraded to Sirius, listen to ESPN Radio and the slew of shows that go with it.

  3. smartalec44

    I have no feelings for Rhea either way. However Angelo should have received the nose job instead of Rhea. Angelo is trying to be the poor man’s Howard Stern. He does occasionally give a good morning diatribe.
    However since Eskin and Cataldi are approaching retirement age, they will probably be bounced out like Bill Campbell and Steve Fredericks. Only Sunny Hill of the sunday morning show at 70 seems to have immunity from forced retirement. Don Mcfee (any relation to Katharine McPhee) seems to be holding on with his occasional fill in gig. Why don’t they bring Lucy back.