Which 1 Will Come Out on Top?

Davidson had Kansas by on the ropes last night only to lose it in the final 90 seconds of play.  I don’t care what anyone says, Stephen Curry is the real deal and proving to a lot of big-time coaches, that the little kid with a naughty jumper can still play and DOMINATE games.  He has to be the unanimous decision for tourney MVP after dropping 40 on Gonzaga, 30 on Georgetown, 33 against Wisconsin, and 25 against Kansas.  This kid has a bright future and just put himself on the map as the NBA Draft nears.   Sources say that Curry has made himself an early 2nd round pick after not even being on any draft boards prior to the Tournament.  Scratch that, according to ESPN.com, Curry says he will return. Look out for Davidson next year folks.

With the Kansas Jayhawks ending Davidson’s miracle run last night 59 – 57 at Ford Field in Detroit, we now have our Final Four set.  For the first time in NCAA Tournament history we have all four #1 seeds in the Big Dance. 


Ben Howland’s UCLA Bruins will face John Calipari’s gangsta squad, Memphis, at 6:07 PM on Saturday from the Alamo Dome.

Roy William’s Tar Heels and Bill Self’s Jayhawks will follow with the tip-off scheduled for 8:47 PM.

Predictions to come Friday.


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4 responses to “Which 1 Will Come Out on Top?

  1. Stephen Curry is REALLY good. That kid has such a fast release (like me with a girl). Except in his case, he usually makes it in. I’d love to see him on the Sixers.

  2. Money Mike

    Memphis is going to win it….most gangsta squad since the Jerry Tark Runnin Rebbbs…..Love, CDR, Dorsey, champiiiiionship

  3. Money – LOVE?? Love would be on UCLA, the team who will win that game.

    I believe you are forgetting Rose, Derrick Rose that is. Darren Collison will give him all he can handle, and UCLA will prevail.

  4. Money Mike

    My mistake “Dude”…..yes i did mean Derrick Rose…best FROSH not named Beasley….my mistake…Love, Rose….close enough easy to confuse…4 letters ya know….