Eagles in Good Position?


I know the Phillies started and I can see you were all introduced to Brian’s beat ass Fazool’s fantasy team, but I just love the flexibility Andy Reid has right now and needed to get some thoughts on it. If reports are true and the Eagles want a 1st round pick for Lito and actually get it, they would be in a great position.

By the end of this month the Eagles COULD (I put it in bold for you Fozzie Bear, so don’t get fucking pissy) get Chad Johnson in a trade for Lito Sheppard and a pick. I dont think they will need to give them Lito and the #19 pick. The Birds could get Roy Williams in a similar deal for Lito too. So when you think about it we either have the #1 receiver we all want and we draft a “now” player at #19 like a safety, Jonathan Stewart, Mendenhall, a DE, or whatever falls to us OR they mighht have two picks in round one which just means Eagles fans could see fireworks on April 26th.

Imagine it, the Birds have the #19 pick and lets say like a #18 pick which we get for Lito (hopefully with a few teams showing interest we get a high teen or early 20’s pick). The Eagles can package those two picks and be picking in the 5th or 4th spot easily. According to the NFL draft chart #18 and #19 equal about 1875 combined, the 5th is worth 1800 and the 4th is 2000. We also hold the #49 (420) and #80 (195). So the Eagles would have more then enough firepower to get all the way up to #3 (2200) if they wanted to. At #3 there is a slim chance Chris Long falls (Remember I am not saying these are PROBABLE, but they are POSSIBLE). If not we choose between a Jake Long or Vernon Gholston. Pat Kirwin reports that at the owners meetings he spoke to a lot of teams that have Gholston as the top rated talent and he could go #1 and be Parcell’s LT I guess. The bottom line is that Reid, Heckert, and company would have the flexibility to do a lot. Could you imagine McFadden in Philly? That would be once of the best two-back systems in this crazy copy-cat league.

What about this they draft Dorsey or Ellis then they move to a 3-4 with Patterson/Bunkley on the line and Cole off one edge with Clemmons/Gocong on the other. Gaither and Bradley in the middle. (This would be an anniversary gift from Reid to Jim Johnson and his wife because there would be no need for the little blue pill in that house anymore.) This type of flexibilty could mean Jim Johnson makes this defense FEARED. What if the Eagles package the #19 and our #49 and move up to like #10 or #11 and get whoever they think is the top corner. Rodgers-Cromartie, McKelvin, Jenkins, so the net out with an slight upgrade at corner and a huge upgrade at the nickel (over Joselio who we all know does not cut it). Now Jim Johnson has three really good CB’s to play with. Maybe Reid drafts one of the “second tier” OL like Otah, Williams, Albert, Clady. I could go on forever.

I think that many fans are going to be very excited in the next 30 days because if the rumors are true and Lito is worth a 1st rounder, the possibilities are simply end-less, but we will definitely could be holding a huge hand on draft day. (or we get a 2nd or 3rd round pick and give Lito away, which would piss off just about everyone)


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10 responses to “Eagles in Good Position?

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  2. Fozzie

    i am honored to be mentioned in this fine publication……wait….this isnt “Cracked”?? awww fuck it

    im all for the Chad Johnson trade, hell Lito and our first for Chad or Roy up in Detroit….

    a bit much? who knows…i dont care….i wanted fitzy, that aint happenin…so chad or roy…yes sir….make it happen!

  3. Jel Kiper

    So Marinelli NAMED 10 prospects they brought into Detroit for interviews. Are Lions run by morons, yes! I just can not believe Marinelli would do this….Millen I could believe, but Marinelli has to have an alternative motive right?

    Could this all be a moot point because the Lions are trading their #1 pick? Maybe……maybe for a Pro-Bowl corner….for the 15th pick…….MAYBE…….but I am leaning towards the Lions entire organization just being retarded.

    How can Reid/Heckert/Banner not rip these guys off. Seriously, I mean since we are the “gold standard” and Detroit is standard for bottom feeding, we should be able to work out a deal.

    I am looking for something like Lito for Roy OR Lito for their #15 pick, COME ON.

  4. Jel Kiper

    Ocho Cinco is still my first choice

  5. Fozzie

    no way lito goes straight up for a first round pick.

  6. Jel Kiper

    Apparently the Eagles have gotten significant offers for Lito and the Birds have asked more then one team for a 1st rounder. Chances are they will not get it, but who knows, we have a lot of picks to throw in with Lito to get another 1st rounder. Multiple front office personel from around the league said that they valued Sheppard higher then DeAngelo Hall who went for a 2nd and 4th (I think). PLUS they had to sign him to a huge deal. Lito is a bargin so I dont think it is impossible to get a 1st, but I am not holding my breath either.

  7. Money Mike

    I WANT PLAYERSSSSS!!!!! I hate how so much stock as been put into draft picks in the NFL it is re-god-damn-diculous….Who in their right mind would not want an established NFL player who has been in the league and gets what it takes to be successful over even the most “potential” ridden guy???
    Especially in Philadelphia where we never take skill positions first and even then, our rookies NEVER PLAY……GIVE ME A PLAYER IN RETURN FOR LITO….PLLLLLLEASE NOT A FIRST ROUND PICK, TRUST ME…..

    I would like to tally one vote or Mr. Chad Johnson as well….

  8. Jel Kiper

    If I was looking to draft a CB, why not go after an established Pro Bowl guy over a kid who has never played a down in the NFL. It is crazy.

    Randy Moss for a 4th rounder?
    D. Hall for a 2nd rounder and a 4th.

    I mean am I crazy, but why do superstars get such little in return, while AJ Feely got a 2nd round pick? The NFL is just too hard to predict. There are too many moving parts

  9. Fozzie

    i dont know of ANY offers for lito…….for a 1st rounder, that is crazy talk, he IS talented….but has health issues.

    i do not think a 1st rounder for lito would ever happen.

  10. Jel Kiper

    I agree and was suprised. The Eagles have gotten atleast 3 solid offers and are asking for a 1st round pick from atleast 2 of the 3 teams.

    I am saying Lito is good, but he is good for about 12 games a season. The injury problems would concern me. It is always a muscle injury too which is the most annoying. Get in shape and stretch better, christ!