(215) Updates

A few things have changed in the (215) world lately and I would like to update our readers to the changes.

I recently took a new job in Malvern and haven’t had the time to post like I used to at my old place of employment.  My new job title is Search Engine Optimization and I can largely thank this blog for getting me the position.  Sorry for the lack of posts and interesting material as the time has just not been there for me, but it will start to pick up again shortly.

Our Sin City Correspondent – William J Doyle has also accepted a new job, in Las Vegas.  Yes, you read it correctly, Vegas people.  He will be writing for a new Vegas magazine about his trials and tribulations in the land of sand, hookers, and gambling DEBT.  We are letting him get settled in before we expect a new crazy post from his experiences in his first week all alone in the best city in the world.

Apparently he stumbled upon a two floor hotel room party where Naughty by Nature was performing, passed out in the elevator, yada yada yada, but we will let him go into more detail, so stay tuned.

We will also be providing Doy’s magazine articles once that mag hits the ground running, which I am told that there first issue is expected in newsstands near you in early summer.

Oh, this Blog is about Sports – Well our hockey team and basketball team have made the playoffs and the Flyers will be in action tonight at Washington.  Hopefully we can contain Alex Ovechkin and take an early series lead.  I’m hoping to get some tickets to one of the home games next week in the beautiful luxury box with my incredible girlfriend.  We will see though, its a tough ticket to get.

The Sixers till have a few games left in their season to determine which seed they will land in the Eastern Conference playoffs.  They are one of the hottest teams in the NBA now and I don’t think many teams want to get the Sixers in the first round.  It will definitely be interesting to see if the Sixers can keep pace as they enter some unfamiliar territory, being Playoff basketball.

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