Sixers Show Mo-Town WHATS UP

Another comeback for the ‘comeback KIDs’ of the Sixers. Trailing by 15 early, the Sixers led by the Andre’s played their hearts out to put themselves in front with 90 seconds to play. Andre Iguodala had a questionable one on one move which ended up in a turnover off his own leg out of bounds and ALMOST blowing the game.

However, some stellar defense by Mo’s crew, and a missed WIDE OPEN layup by ‘Sheed gave the 76ers their first playoff win in Detroit ever, and a 1-0 series lead in this first round best of seven matchup against heavily favored Detroit.

Youngsters Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young playing in their first playoff game played incredible as well, with timely defense and bigtime shots on the offensive end.

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Look at silly ole Rasheed Wallace. Trying to mess with the Sixers heads and emotions in a close game down the stretch.

OOOPSSS! Looks like ya missed a wide open layup ‘Sheed. Whats up now BOYEE!

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