Samuel, Nooo

Before game 5 in Detroit last night, hometown native Bill Green wanted to stroll through the old block and show his neighborhood off to fellow teammate Samuel Slammin’ Dalembert. Somewhere along their day together, Bill offered Sammy a free fade at his favorite hometown barber shop. When asked about getting his fade “tightened up”, Samuel flat came out with it and declared, “Forget the fade! I want to get something crazy”.

Crazy doesn’t describe what Slammin’ walked out of the shop with on his dome piece. As the Sixers headed to the Palace at Auburn Hills for Game 5 last night of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal match up with the Pistons, Sammie felt he had eased himself of the playoff pressures with this new Doo.

Wonder what it means? Well let’s dive into the scribe on the sides. On the left side spelled out is “LT”.

Have a guess what it means?

Please enlighten me, because I have no idea and neither does anyone else, including Sammie I bet. When asked what it meant Samuel declined to comment.

Althoughhhh, when asked if wanted to elaborate on the right half, where you will notice the letters “SD” carved out, one SD claimed the “SD” on the side of his head was simply not his initials, but in fact it stands for what his game is all about!

“Strong defense,” he said.

Really Samuel?

Dalembert’s primary focus, Rasheed Wallace, scored 19 points on 8-for-12 shooting, 11 in a first half in which the Pistons ran off to a 14-point lead.

Okay, so maybe it was all a ploy to throw off the Pistons, make them dumbfounded and wondering all night what the fuck would possess someone to go out in public looking like this? Didn’t work. ‘Sheed Wallace blocked four shots in the first quarter alone, all while fixated and rather amused. Dalembert reported post-game rather intellectually and deep; “He was talking to me all game,” saying, ‘What the hell?’ And those sort of things.”

Wallace said speaking after the game “I told Mo that should have been a team fine…Coming into a game looking like that.” At the very least Rasheed, at the very least.

And with all the tension gone, and Samuel at ease post-haircut, Dalembert ended up having a rather relaxing evening, scoring 4 points, pulling down 6 rebounds in 29 solid minutes. I guess now we all understand why he demands the ball more right? Even with the outstanding numbers you expect from a $9.8 million dollar center, the doo is staying according to Samuel, who has no plans to BIC his head, so look for “LT” and “Strong Defense” to be on the Wachovia Center floor Thursday as the Sixers make an early exit from the ’08 playoffs.

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