Hey Ced, Get Your Game Up

If you are an avid sports fan you would obviously know about the little bit of legal trouble Cedric Benson has gotten himself into this past week. Media reports keep coming out daily as to the ‘way’ and ‘manner’ the Lake Travis police handled the situation.

The latest accord of the situation proclaims Cedric was treated completely unfair and with bias due to his skin color and Benson and crew are NOT happy.

HEY CED, shouldn’t you be at mini-camp working on your game. I mean you WERE one of the top 5 fantasy RB busts this past season as Chicago deemed you worthy of being a prime time back in the NFL. Combined with your awful QB and aging defense, your legal woes and media outbursts do not seem to helping with team chemistry.

If I were you I would be getting OFF the boat and spending some quality time learning how to hold onto a football considering you had nearly as many fumbles as TD’s last year. Any fantasy owner that was dumb enough to hold onto you in a keeper league must LOVE you right now.

Benson still maintains that he was completely sober. Take a look at this mugshot and you be the judge.

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