Gilbert’s Demands

After barely playing during the regular season, making a half ass comeback for the Playoffs and not even dressing in the final two games of the first round series in which the Wizards lost to the Cavs, Gilbert Arenas has decided that was enough PT on the season to start making demands.

Gilbert stated in his blog, on his impending free agency:

I want to be back … but weird things happen in free agency. If Antawn is not back, then there’s no point in me coming back because he’s part of my success, too.

Considering ‘Twan Jamison was a huge reason, basically the only one, for the Wizards success this season given the fact that Caron and Gilby were out for 75% (give or take) of the year. If betting were legal, I would put my money on Washington resigning Antawn not for the fact that Gilbert demanded it, but the fact that he was the only reliable star they had all year.

Gilbert , get off the ‘net and back in the gym buddy.

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