Ocho Cinco “Looks Damn Good in Midnight Green”

Caption: In a recent video conference with the 215, Chad put on his Donovan jersey for us and said that “I look damn good in midnight green”.


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5 responses to “Ocho Cinco “Looks Damn Good in Midnight Green”

  1. Penguin

    He would be so much productive under HEALTHY Donovan… Just a dream for now….

  2. It would be awesome. You know he wants out of Cincy now, 0-3… Palmer cant get the ball out quick enough

  3. ochonueve


  4. ocho nicko

    chad ocho cinco will never be a phillidelphia eagle and it will be a really sad day if he even leaves the bengals. and besides do you guys really want another Terell Owens. i am a Bengals fan and we already gave up one of our best recievers to the Seattle Seahawks, we are not going to loose another one.