Flash that Stache

With the emergence of Jason Giambi’s swing/game/JOB and new mustache, I decided to cruise the ‘net for the Most Outstanding Staches of the game (MOS). I found a few pictures of some sweet ‘staches in baseball and decided to share with our 215ers. Without further adieu, the staches please:

Jason Giambi: The new stache has breathed new light into Giambi’s swing of late. He looks like the ultimate roid head now with his bulging eyes complimenting the stache wonderfully.

Mr. SAL Fasano: He “can ride his bike with no mustache handlebars”…. Our Philly Representative of the post. God he’s handsome.

Rod Beck: The late great closers eyes say, “Hell No”, but his stache says, “I’ll take some of the yella, and don’t get cheap on me!”

Goose Gossage: His ‘stache is as wide as the ocean is deep. If his mustache were a continent, it would be Asia.

Al “the Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky: Look at that thing. Is that a squirrel growing on his upper lip?

AND THE AWESOME – EST STACHE EVER – Mr. Rollie Fingers : The precision, the curls, the flowing beauty. Words cannot describe the elegance this stache holds.

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