Sikahema KO’s Canseco

Onetime Oakland A’s bash brother Jose Canseco was the one getting bashed this past Saturday. The disgraced former major leaguer was knocked down to the mat by former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema in the first round of a celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City.

The 5-foot-9 Sikahema, who’s 45 and works these days as a sportscaster, swarmed the 44-year-old Canseco, who stands 6-foot-4, as soon as the opening bell sounded. He knocked the admitted steroid user down twice before the fight was stopped. The crowd stood and roared.

“When you step inside the square circle,” Sikahema said, “don’t ever think that your size is going to matter because in Philadelphia, we will chop you down.”

Represent Vai.  And the famous clip of Vai chopping down the goalpost after a kick return.

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