Mareese Speights: Star in the Making?

Mareese once again dazzled the crowd adding another double double to his short NBA career (well summer league). The young core of the 76ers was led to victory over Atlantic Division foe, the Toronto Raptors by Thaddeus Young’s 21 points. Mareese Speights and Jason Smith once again led the charge on the glass for the Sixers. Speights ended the game with 15 points and 12 boards, while Smith added 12 and 12 respectively.

Speights has proven to be perhaps the most consistent pick of the NBA Draft so far. I know its early and I’m most likely getting my hopes up, but this kid can really rebound well and always seems to be in the right position. One skill that is very hard to teach and one that will never be taken for granted in this league. I know the argument, “it’s only summer league, please see: Marco Bellinelli, Nate Robertson, Marcus Banks”, but I think this is a different situation, different position, and will ultimately produce different results then those losers. Guess we will find out soon enough.


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7 responses to “Mareese Speights: Star in the Making?

  1. He missed a lot of shots, but he tallied a solid double-double. His 4 blocks are great!

  2. Yea that was his worst outing so far this summer league, and he still had 15 and 12.

  3. Ethan Edwards

    The day Mareese Speights is a star is the day there will be peace in the middle east. Anyways, Speights is only good now because he hasn’t faced Noah yet. Joakim Noah!!! Forever!!!

  4. Ethan – It is only summer league and I could be ahead of myself but lets just wait and see how the season plays out.

    However at the moment I think Mareese would abuse Joakim in the paint. Maybe if Noah keeps ‘taking hits from the bong’ he’ll get the munchies and put on a little weight and do something down there.

  5. Ur Retarded

    Yes someone is optomistic… this kid doesn’t have hustle… ull b seeing him in the Dleague for sure

  6. Yea maybe a tad ahead of myself but this was based off his pretty good performances in Summer League. We will see, we will see.

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