Sixers get ‘Poison’ Ivey

The Sixers reached an agreement with journeyman Royal Ivey for the minimum contract. The 6′4″ guard will join Willie Green and Louis Williams as combo guards coming off the bench for the new-look Sixers next season.

Ivey, 26, spent last year with the Milwaukee Bucks averaging 5.6 points and 2.1 assists in 75 games.

Royal Ivey

Royal Ivey

Offense isn’t his forte but he prides himself on defense.

I know the Sixers had to sign somebody since they only have 9 players under contract, but I hope management has their priorities straight. Signing Iguodala and Lou Will have to get done or this offseason tastes a little less sweet. We had a little scare with Lou Will, but the Warriors opted to go with Marcus Williams. Hopefully, Louis doesn’t take note of other signings and get any ideas of raising his asking price. My question is, were there no guards that could shoot that were cheap?


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6 responses to “Sixers get ‘Poison’ Ivey

  1. Jack Wilson

    Why don’t you have a picture of Royal Ivey? Royal Ivey is tough and he was a second round draft pick that has played for 2 nba teams going on 3rd now. Ivey should be solid with the Sixers.

  2. Last year he got suspended 3 games for punching Bulls center Aaron Gray in his jewels. I dont want a dude like that on our team.

    Not to mention he will never see the floor. I guess its good he signed for the league minimum at least.

  3. Jack Wilson

    Reggie Evans is on your team. Now you have two nut punchers.

  4. Yea ya got me there, but Reggie Evans PT will hopefully diminish as the season progresses and Mareese Speights continues to DOMINATE.

    Then Reggie and Royal can talk about their nut punching activities together at the end of the bench.

  5. Uncle Beaverbottom

    Dat Royal Ivey cat be good comin’ off da bench and guardin’ da bigger 2-guard when LouWill be on da floor. Dat why dey picked him up, y’all.

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