Chase’s Gel of Choice: LA Looks

Chase’s lovely spouse Jen Utley revealed the sluggers preferred hair gel of choice on the Preston and Steve show on 93.3 WMMR this morning.

We all have seen the slick back look that Chase likes to sport for all games; rain, sun, wind, night, day, u name it, hes rocking it.  Preston (or Steve, who knows its radio) popped the question, “Which gel is Chase’s gel of choice”, to which Jen Utley promptly shouted L.A. Looks. Personally, I would have expected Utley to use a higher priced bottle of gel, since L.A. Looks retails for around three bucks.

Do I smell a commercial or contract in the works?


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10 responses to “Chase’s Gel of Choice: LA Looks

  1. Chase has previously told the Philly fans what his hair gel of choice is. I attached the clip from youtube where he says it.

    Chase is awesome!

  2. Yea I saw that after I made the post. He is the man.

    One of the best F*ck Yous in “F*ck You” History.

  3. Hmm

    Jen Utley? Oh Lord, she’s not into Chase for his money or the status of being a sports wife or anything. Oh no…

  4. Timmay

    Anyone notice the last question… who is always late… J Roll… Ha… No Kidding…

  5. Matt

    preston and steve are awful

  6. Novotny

    Chase Utley is my hero. My choice of hair gel is also LA Looks Xtreme Hold. I always keep a spare bottle in my money purse.

  7. Jen Utley should be a nominee for Baseball’s Hottest Wives next year.

  8. Ehh shes ok, now hows about Cole Hamels Wife…
    Shes a looker

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