Myers Goes Seven Strong

Brett Myers pitched seven shutout innings last night and looked like the Brett Myers of old.  It was a very nice outing indeed, but I’m not jumping on the Myers bandwagon just yet.  When you think about it, facing the Washington Nationals will tend to give those type of positive results.

He needs to pitch at least two more consistent solid outings before he gets my stamp of approval.  But God I hope he does.  We need another sure fire arm in the rotation, especially with the Joe Blanton move not quite panning out as we had hoped just yet.

Myers won for the first time since May, Chase Utley backed him with a two-run homer, and the Phillies beat the worst-in-the-majors Nationals 2-1 Tuesday night.  Myers only allowed four hits, and gave up one walk while striking out two.


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2 responses to “Myers Goes Seven Strong

  1. caitlynintherye

    Thank god! He looked like hell up in last week’s series. I know everyone was questioning why they brought him back so soon.

  2. He needs to regain some confidence before we hit the home stretch.