Team USA Crushes Ze Duestchland

Germany which figured to be one of the tougher challenges for Team USA, proved the complete opposite, falling 106-57 on Monday Morning (ET time or whatever). The Germans who have two NBA-ers in Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman were thought to be able to be a test for Team USA in their last game of pool play. Dirk was nothing of the sort, only going 4-10 from the field and ending with a dismal 14 points.

Team USA was led by C Dwight Howard’s 22 points and 9 boards and also LeBron James aka the King’s 18 points on 7-10 shooting from the field.

Up next for the Americans is the Aussie squad. Team USA (5-0) will move on to a quarterfinal matchup Wednesday against Australia, the team that’s provided them with their toughest test in China (87-76 win in an Exhibition). Australia’s team is highlighted by NBA center Andrew Bogut who was out of Australia’s last game against Team USA while resting a sore ankle for pool play.

Personally I dont see any team giving the Americans a true challenge. I think the buzz surrounding the next game against what reporters are calling a formidable opponent in Australia is all hear say. USA will wipe the floor with these Aussies and make it a perfect 6-0 en route to the gold. Just listen to Chris Kaman:

Nobody is going to beat them. No way, it’s just not going to happen.


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8 responses to “Team USA Crushes Ze Duestchland

  1. Team USA keeps doing great… A such domination reminds me Barcelona ’92…

  2. Travis Outlaw

    The way that the US is playing they just might win every game. And blow out every game until they get their gold medal. Go USA!!!

  3. No way we lose. I just do NOT see it happening. Tomorrows game against the Aussies will be our biggest test so far. They gave us a run in an exhibition, only down 7 at one point in the 3rd qtr, WITHOUT their best player, Andrew Bogut.

  4. USA basketball is unbeatable right now m8….the highest quality in the world….the best league…

  5. Ok, this time it was clear.
    But just wait, Germany will grow and get better. We are working hard with our younger talents. Next time there will be more to beat than just a Nowitzki. We will definitive have more high quality players. The will is there, we just need experience. And time is working for us =)

  6. Wow bringing up some old posts. USA will not lose again for a long time my friend. A LONGGG TIMEEEE

  7. No need here any old post, We are just waiting for new updates of sports.