B West on B West

News out of Washington has surfaced in regards to how little brother Byron Westbrook feels about his brothers injury.  According to talks with his brother, Brian will be out a lot longer then your Philadelphia Eagles are leading on.

In an article from yesterday’s Washington Post, Byron stated, “I don’t think he’ll play.  The ankle injury is more serious than what the Eagles put out. You know how Andy Reid is about injuries and giving out information. Just watching him on the sidelines after he turned his ankle [against Pittsburgh two weeks ago], it didn’t look good.”

Thanks Byron, what have you just told us that the majority of us are not already thinking?  I have to think, we, as true-blooded Eagles fans, are fully aware of that happening considering he hasn’t practiced all week?

Just stick to pretending to be big bro in practice (Byron simulates BWest36 on the Skins practice squad leading up to games against Philadelphia) and don’t set up these headlines acting like your dishing out some inside scoop to get us even more worried about the most important Westbrook …  Brian.

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