Report: Donaghy Flew Solo

After a 14-month NBA driven internal investigation, Cardinal O’Hara graduate Tim Donaghy has been confirmed to be the single rouge official in his betting scandal that burst onto the sports scene over a year ago.  After over 200 interviews and a review of game tapes and phone conversations, lead investigator and former federal prosecutor Lawrence Pedowitz stands by his findings stating “I have discovered no evidence that the league has ever put a thumb on the scales and asked referees to call games to favor particular teams or players.”

That being said, what was the ultimate mission of this investigation?  Was it not to determine whether or not Donaghy flew solo in his point shaving scandal or whether or not the NBA executives were strongly suggesting refs favor a particular team?  If it is the former, what has led us to believe Donaghy did fly solo?

The report released yesterday revealed Donaghy had over 150 telephone conversations in a 6 month period with fellow referee Scott Foster that apparently were all unrelated to the tampering.  Yet there was no clear explanation how Donaghy was able to correctly pick 60-70 percent of the games he bet on but did not ref himself.

HELLLLLLLLOOOO?  What did Penis-o-witz ask in these interviews?

Did you bet on the games? No.

Okay works for me, send in the next ref…

What do you think Donaghy and Foster were talking about?  I don’t talk to my friends in PERSON over 150 times, what the hell would you have to say to somebody that often over the phone?  I feel as though Tim Donaghy has fully taken the blame for this and Foster needs to be the one to pick him up on his release date.  And this “internal investigator” needs to be investigated himself.  There is no doubt in my mind that Donaghy did NOT pull this all off on his own.


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2 responses to “Report: Donaghy Flew Solo

  1. Travis Outlaw

    Theres nothing really wrong with what Donaghy did.

  2. kevin johnston

    yeah i dont think what he did was wrong either, just dont think he was ONLY one….