The Man, the Myth, the Legend……..Travis Henry

Former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry was arrested Tuesday after Henry met to buy cocaine (aka: blow, nose candy, china white) from a person who was cooperating with authorities, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.  Henry’s preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Monday morning.

Henry, also known for his nine children with nine separate women (in four different states) and his court cases seeking child support payments for them, was recently cut from the Broncos before the season in a surprise move.  Was Coach Mike Shannahan’s supply cut?  Was he aware of the ring but would not go to the authorities?  We’ll never know, but we at least now know, Henry does not have to worry about those support payments anymore, now that he’s facing 20 to life in prison.

The case stems from a sting in Montana where DEA agents pulled over a car that was carrying six pounds of marijuana (aka: pot, dope, grass, bud) and about three kilograms of cocaine back on September 16.  The passenger in the car, immediately told the officers that Travis Henry had supplied him with the drugs, which he was supposed to deliver to customers in Billings. The man said he was supposed to have $5,000 cut off his debt for delivering the drugs and transporting about $63,600 in sales proceeds to Henry, according to a court affidavit.

The affidavit also indicated that the passenger as well as the customer in Billings already owed Henry about $40,000 in drug money. The passenger told authorities Henry had threatened him and his family over the debt.

Travis, that is what you get for giving a crack head credit.  What would you expect the guy to do? The drive from Denver to Billings is seven and a half hours!  What do you think a pothead is going to do with the entire product sitting on the back seat over the course of a long drive? LIGHT ONE UP!

The passenger agreed to cooperate with authorities and set up a drug deal Tuesday with Henry that led to the arrests.  Travis, you set yourself up for this one pal, you fronted someone 40K worth of weed and coke, you threaten his family for the money, and then you ask a favor of the guy? Come on pal, you don’t have a job, make the trip yourself!  Now, the only trip you’re going to be making for the next 20 years is from lockdown to the cafeteria and back, enjoy brother, you were living the life of diamonds and furs and fame of professional sports, had any women you wanted (which you obviously took advantage of) and now you went from fucking bitches to hoping your butthole doesn’t become someone’s fucking bitch.

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