Donovan’s Embarrassed

Donovan McNabb made a post on his blog yesterday about the teams efforts the past two weeks and was highly critical of his own play in the the loss to divisional foe Washington Redskins last Sunday.  The way most of it is worded it seems Donovan is pretty upset with the outcome of the game and the way he performed.  I like the fact that he mentions how the ‘time is now’ and these close games early in the season WILL come back to bite us in the ass come playoff time.  We need all the wins we can get, especially in the NFC East, the hardest division in the entire league.

Some of the highlights from Donnie’s post after the jump.

I’m embarrassed with the way I played. I didn’t do enough to win the game for my team. I take that to heart. I want the ball in my hand when the game is on the line and, if I have it, I have to make a play. I’ll take that responsibility. All three of our losses were within a score so one play could have made a difference – a fumble, an interception, calling an audible, not calling an audible.

I’ve made mistakes and I’ve owned up to them. I’m sure that some of my teammates and coaches might feel that they also could have done better. But a play here and a play there is costing us precious division and conference games that can bite us down the stretch.

I’m better than this and I’ll prove it. I know my team is too. Now we have to prove it.

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