Mets Pitcher Burgos Jailed

New York Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos will be jailed for three months while awaiting trial for a hit-and-run accident that killed two women.

The 24 year old reliever told the Associated Press that a Dominican judge ordered him to remain behind bars Wednesday night out of concerns for his safety.

I am going to come out of this fine because my conscience is clear, and I’m not worried this will affect my career because I haven’t done anything.

Yea righttt buddy.  You ran over two chicks then left them for dead.  Oh and you didnt do anything about it for a week.  You crushed them on Tuesday, September 30th and finally had a change of heart and turned yourself in a full week later on Tuesday, October 7th.  Typical douchebag Met.  I wonder if Dominican law operates under the ‘eye for an eye’ mentality and runs over his ass as punishment.

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