PacMan in Trouble Again…?

That’s right, theres a question mark after the title.  Apparently Pacman was in an altercation in a motel with his bodyguard that caused minor damage to the room (and maybe Pacmans face).  Now I have a source who says Pacman had his ass handed to him and could have some serious damage to his grill piece. This source is credible (maybe).

However, according to, that fight was very minimal and is being blown way out of proportion.  This is actually according to Cowboys press people and Tank Johnson, from whom ESPN obtained their story.  Now do I believe Jerry Jones’ people and Tank.  You god damn right I don’t.

Tank Johnson scolded one reporter and said he didn’t think Goodell, a man he’s quite familiar with, would take action.

I think it’s something we can handle in-house.  Sometimes you don’t have to go to the principal’s office. You can just handle it in the classroom.


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4 responses to “PacMan in Trouble Again…?

  1. Money Mike

    oh, its not speculation, he got effed up…..

    Per a league source, the “bodyguard” with whom Jones fought in the bathroom of a Dallas hotel was an off-duty police officer who has been hired by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to babysit Pacman.


  2. Money Mike

    The source says that the problem started because the babysitter popped off to Jones’ female companion. Jones, who had been drinking, then started up with the guy, and it culminated in a scuffle.

    Jones, we’re told, had marks on his face at practice on Wednesday.

  3. Money Mike

    adam jones — the black jason michaels??? gets drunk and then tries to beat up a cop? good thinking pal, you reep whatcha soooooo……

  4. Whens this guy ever gonna learn? Hes getting paid to do something most of us dream of doing. Not to mention ridiculously overpaid for it.