NFL Trade Deadline: Tony Gonzo a Bird?

Listening to good old Mike and Mike in the morning on the drive today on the Schuylkill Expressway and word from ‘The Professor’ John Clayton is Tony Gonzalez is the big name out there looking to be dealt to a contender as we near the NFL Trade deadline today at 4 pm ET. 

Teams interested: the New York Football Giants and yours truly, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Clayton reported a Kansas City is looking for a 3rd (or 2nd – he wasn’t sure) round pick and a 5th round pick for the All-Pro tight end.  As for the Eagles, they have a disgruntled corner Lito Sheppard to offer in a package.  Stay posted.


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8 responses to “NFL Trade Deadline: Tony Gonzo a Bird?

  1. jd

    he is NOT worth lito shepperd.

    however, we have the picks to give and the cap space. i say pull the trigger-tony is an excellent blocker and route runner-something LJ Sh!t could never dream of being.

  2. Yea LJ has been anything but what I thought he could be for this team. I just think Gonzo needs a new place and fresh start, why not us.

    I think the Eagles are feeling the heat of the Phillies playoff run and hopefully they pull the trigger.

  3. But I agree, I don’t want to give up Lito. Lets go with some picks. Picks don’t play for 2 years anyway under Big Red.

  4. Tripquick

    I say we give the Eagles Larry Johnson and Gonzalez for a first round pick and Lilo. Both teams benefit. Westbrook is injury plagued and McNabb couldn’t find a more reliable reciever. Besides dont the Eagles have two first rounders?

  5. Uhh, I believe we have two first rounders yes, dont quote me though. Ehh this could work.

  6. money mike

    yea birds def. have 2 first round picks this year….i’d do tony gonzo and lj for lito and a pick in a heartbeat….lj hates it there, bring him in here him and bwest in the same backfield, possibilities are endless…wow….

  7. Very true moneymike. Pro Form B West and LJ. I like the sound of it.

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