Breaking News: Coste It Is

Before manager Charlie Manuel has even written out his line-up he has disclosed to us he will be penciling in back up catcher Chris Coste as the “mystery” designated hitter for Game 1 of tonight’s World Series.

The risk with Coste has been, if Carlos Ruiz has to leave the game tonight with an injury, Coste would be forced into catchers duty and the Phillies would lose the DH spot in the lineup, and the pitcher would have to bat for themselves.

I truly do not see that being a huge issue.  Yes, losing the DH would be a disadvantage, but should not decide the game.  Plus, with the Phillies being the National League they have played all season without a DH.  I trust Manuel would be able to match up with pinch hitters and double switches in the late innings. This is all a moot point, remind you, if Carlos does not have to leave the game with a injury, which is a very slim risk in my opinion.


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2 responses to “Breaking News: Coste It Is

  1. This is the online time of the season when the Phillies are wishing one of those left handed bats were right handed. Either way the Phillies have enough offensive power to compensate for the lack of power at the DH spot. Coste was a solid hitter this season and he will be asked to situational hit and advance runners on the base path.

  2. blask22

    I hope Philly blows it
    Come visit

    Creating controversy is what we do!