John Romano, A Classless Douche to Say the MOST

John Romano is a journalist for the St. Pete Times.  He decided to write this unsettling piece on Philadelphia sports fans based on his second (perhaps third) hand account of some alleged actions that happened at Saturdays Rays Phils world series game.  His piece was about how Philadelphia fans are the worst. The headline: “Phils fans live down to their reputation.”  You like my own play on words in the title of this post John.

He went on to write:

During Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday night, Rays family members and employees say they were harassed and abused by Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park to an unacceptable degree.

Children were cursed at, and one 9-year-old boy had beer poured on him. A Rays family member stayed locked in a bathroom stall because, he said, Phillies fans were banging on the walls and threatening him.

First of all, who throws an $8 beer on a kid.  What a waste and I have a very hard time believing that any self respecting Philly fan would pour a delicious brew on some kid in a Rays shirt.  If you take a look at the article where Dan Rubin bashes Romano’s article as well, nobody saw this incident at all.  Romano once again making stuff up for a piece, sorry ass journalist if ya ask me.  Some comments from the fans themselves:

  • Posted by darshall
    I was in Section 106. The Rays fans are mistaking booing and supporting your team for this hostility. This was one of the most mild games I’ve seen (probably because no one takes Rays fans seriously). I bounced around and met up with friends and didn’t even see any Rays fans get booed at. They are just looking for excuses on munson-ing a world series.
  • Posted by thepress
    I am a member of the press who is in Philly at this moment. I am fromoutmof town with no alligence to either team. TB Rays friends and families are being seated by the press box and the events described in this article NEVER HAPPENED. Funny as I am unable to post this at the St. Pete Times website. Do the rules of journalism not apply to them?
  • Posted by KarenD
  • Posted by Gmilst1
    I demand a Philly writer/reporter to ask this guy who writes for St. Petes newspaper to ask him for some sources. This guy is making it all up except for what John Maddon said. And they don’t even have packets of mustards at phillies games. just relish! WE DEMAND A SOURCE FROM THIS LIAR!!!
  • Posted by lcammisa12
    DITTO! I pay too much for a beer to just let a 9 yr old enjoy it…And they were knocking on the bathroom stall bc they needed to use the bathroom and were tired of a Tampa fan throwing up over the bad performance they made them watch!
  • Posted by EaglesFanInStPete

    Before you rip us Rays fans, keep in mind the vast majority of us are not like this. John Romano is a hack; he had no business writing an article so scathing, so vile, so accusatory, WITHOUT DOING HIS RESEARCH! He’s basing it off 2nd-hand accounts of what people said happened; he never actually saw it happen himself.

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