World Series Game 5 Recap…So Far

First Joe Carter, then Ronde Barber, now mother nature.  Now its not only players and teams that are keeping Philly teams from winning championships but now nature wont even allow it.  Game 5 of the World Series was postponed last night do to pouring rains, the first time in history that a World Series game is suspended.

In the top of the 6th inning, the Rays got a RBI from Carlos Pena after BJ Upton slip ‘n slided into second base on a stolen base, tying the game at 2.  Within minutes the tarp was on the field and MLB brass decided that the game will try and be resumed tonight at 8pm.

After 25 years of playoff heartache after playoff heartache, the Phils are now this close to winning the World Series, up 2-0 in the first inning, this close to breaking the 100 season title drought and Mother Nature rains on the parade ruins the evening and we have to wait, hopefully, only one more day.

Whenever the game picks up, it will be top of the 6th inning Ryan Howard (I hope this is right, think I remember hearing/knowing that) leading off most likely against Ray rookie phenom David Price who could be called to pitch multiple innings in the 2-2 game as the Phillies are now 3 ½ innings away from the title.


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3 responses to “World Series Game 5 Recap…So Far

  1. jd

    cole hamels was due to be up, but i anticipate he will be PH for.

    expect the phills to come out fired up and tear the cover of the ball off.

  2. Yea no way he gets back out there and throws. I wouldnt mind seeing them bring out Myers to maybe throw an inning, ala closer-esque like last year

    7th – Myers
    8th – Madson
    9th – Mr. Perfect Himself, Brad Lidge

    with JC Romero on standby for any lefties we would face

  3. I’ve gotten several eye witness accounts of the mess that was game 5 of the World Series. Many involving violence and mayhem, but all of which involved an intense case of blue balls.

    Everyone was ready for the biggest, collective drunken make-outs in the history of the city. 25 years of anger and angst, for some of us a life time, we just want to know what it’s like to have that feeling lifted all at once with thousands of other people. And honestly with all that positive energy floating around the city, combined with all day drinking, and cold shitty weather outside, every bar in the city crowded with wet, drunk, happy people… you see what I’m getting at?

    Last night should have been national, “Drunken Sex with Random Stranger Night” in Philadelphia. But instead, the assholes wait ‘til the game ties to shut it down, several innings too late and now Cole Hamels, quite possibly the most unstoppable force in sports history, was wasted, and we’re stuck with this weird mutant looking midget of a game, possibly tomorrow, possibly not, depending on the beautiful Philadelphia weather. They never should have played that game, I mean can’t they read the Doppler? Didn’t they see that shitstorm coming? Where’s Hurricane Schwartz during all this?

    Everyone in Philly take pictures and shoot video, post that shit everywhere, I want to see drunken make-outs everywhere. If some dumb asshole tries to start a fight, you gang up on them and convince them to cool by shouting “We Did It!!!!” Give the double high-five if you have to.

    Wish I was there with everyone, but I guess I’ll have to take solace in the 82 degree beautiful sun shining day it is today here in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.

    Enjoy the win, when it does happen, and it will. Hopefully there will still be some left over make-out magic in the air when I come back for Christmas.