Eagles Cruise

After giving up a 90 yard bomb to delinquent wideout Koren Robinson on the Seahawks first play from the scrimmage, the Birds D got their shit together and put together a shut out the rest of the way.

Donovan McNabb rebounded from his usual ball in the dirt and early throwing problems to complete 28 of 43 passes for 349 yards and two touchdowns.  B West carried the ball 20 times for 61 yards rushing.

Philadelphia (5-3) won their third in a row to stay two games behind the first-place New York Giants in the NFC East, and move ahead of Dallas (5-4) for third in the division. The Eags get the New York Football Giants next week on nationally televised Sunday Night Football at 8:15 PM ET with AL Michaels and John Madden.


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2 responses to “Eagles Cruise

  1. jd

    am getting concerned at our offensive playcalling in the redzone. again.

    after the second TD, all drives sputtered on or around the 20.

  2. Yea me too.

    Seems like they set it on cruise control once they ‘think’ they have it in the bag.

    Big game this weekend.