Fired By Fax

Several sources are reporting that the San Diego Padres have rescinded a contract offer to Trevor Hoffman, a free agent, who has piled up all but two of his 554 saves with the Padres since 1993. padresnewlogo

The Padres say they’re slashing expenditures, most notably by trying to trade ace Jake Peavy, probably to the Braves or Cubs, and further by pushing away Hoffman, the indisputable face of the franchise.

And, listen to this: The Padres informed Hoffman not in person with a one-on-one conversation, or a hand-written note, or even with a phone call.  Instead, they sent his reps a fax.

Talk about some pieces of sh*t.  Excuse my french, but is this anyway to run a business.  Especially the man who has a pretty significant hand in getting your franchise to wear it is today.  Those motherf*ckers.

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