McNabb’s Last Season with the Eagles

As Justin Timberlake and ‘NSYNC once said, ” BYE BYE BYE, BYE BYE!”

Donovan McNabb was pulled from a game for the first time in his career after two awful quarters of football in Sunday’s 36-7 loss at Baltimore. The Birds only trailed 10-7 at the time, but Big Red thought second-year backup Kevin Kolb gave the team a better chance to win a game it desperately needed to maintain its slim playoff hopes.  And at the time, I did too.  And right now, I still think it was the right move.  Donovan doesnt understand how awful he really is playing lately and has always been let off the leash easy because of his inseperable bond with his coach, Andy Reid.  Andy made the right call on Sunday after two quarters of gut wrenching, sickening and downright pathetic football to watch from a fan’s standpoint.


Unless Donnie comes out guns a blazing over the course of the rest of the season, I think he is gone and here’s why.

McNabb isn’t getting any younger or faster and turns 32 on Tuesday.  He is signed through 2013 and is scheduled to earn $9.2 million next year (with I think a bonus of about 900k – 1 mil).  Eagle Brass is exceptionally frugal with the checkbook as we all have seen over there years and in my mind there is no chance they will pay him that kinda coin to be a backup.  Even as a starting QB, I cant justify that Donovan’s performances have been worth anything near that number.  Not to mention the fact that he’s only 22-21-1 as a starter since leading Philadelphia to four straight NFC championship games from 2001-04.

With that, we bid you adieu Donovan.  This is a business first and foremost and right now YOU my friend are killing our bottom line.


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4 responses to “McNabb’s Last Season with the Eagles

  1. Found your site from ReclinerGM

    this post makes me sad, I love #5 and think he is still an above average QB, KKolb is a big unknown and just playing the averages he’s probably not very good. Plus his arm looks weak, he couldn’t make that long throw during the Ravens game and he is SO slow

    I hope Donovan does come back but the money would have to be reduced, give him a running game, tell him to run for 1st downs occasionally like the Cardinals game and you’ve got an awesome offense

  2. Well I wrote this after the Ravens game and I must say he proved me wrong during the schlacking of the Arizona Cardinals. I think the way he plays the rest of the season heavily dictates the direction that Eagle Management will go in when it comes to Donnie and next season. Remember almost $10 million is owed to him.

    I like him I really do, one of my favorite Eagles if not players in the NFL, but he wasnt putting us in a position to win earlier in the year.

    I hope he can continue to play the way he did last week and bring us back to our old winning ways.

  3. May have to re-write this post ! 2 big convincing wins and I might add, Donovan continued to run for occasional first downs in the Giants game. That kept the chains moving and I believe turns our offense into something nearly can’t be stopped. Watching for Westbrook, containing the recievers and worrying about #5 running a quick scamper if everyone is covered is just too much for any D to handle.

    I only own 1 jersey and it’s a #5, $10 mill is a lot, but I hope he’s back next year. Andy on the other hand…. I don’t know, although he is allowing the running game to get enough touches to make a difference, bizarre….

  4. after the Redskins loss….

    Oh god, where was the occasional scamper for a first down. Why in God’s name did they throw the ball 3 times for every 1 rush? In the cold, in a tight scoring game?