Elton and Converse Team Up to Bring You the EB1’s

We don’t usually do this here on the 215, but being how it is a product of one of our own we decided to give a small review.

I just wanted to give quick props to the folks over at Converse and our newest man Elton Brand on a sick pair of shoes this year.  Elton and Converse, more specifically Kathleen at Converse were able to hook us both up with a pair of the black EB 1’s.

Elton’s first ever signature shoe felt as though they were molded to my foot, and seemingly come out of the box as if they were already broken in.   Comfortable, stylish, and fresh, I am already eager to go out and drop……42, in my new EB ONE’s.


Once again thank you very much Converse and the awesome people that you have over there reaching out to the right people in the right places.

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