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2 responses to “HAHAHAHA

  1. Poor Tony, I actually feel bad for him, he wanted to win, and his joke of a coach tried to send the punt team in on fourth down. Tony was the only one on the field that realized the game would be over if they didn’t’ start taking chances and go for it.

    You aren’t going to catch up on another team when you voluntarily take your offense off the field. And when behind by that kind of lead, a short 4th is a worthwhile risk.

    Besides if you can’t convert on a short 4th, well then start packing your bags when you are behind by 20 or 30.

    I don’t feel bad for the Cowboys, what a great team to kick out of the playoffs, the entire team echoed the coach’s mentality. Screw it, we’re done let’s hit the golf courses. And it showed.

  2. Seems like Tony is in that pose year after year.