Breaking News – Hank and Kendra are Getting Hitched June 27th

Well in case you havent heard, our boy Hank Baskett is getting hitched to playmate Kendra Wilkinson.  Hank and Kendra are Getting Hitched June 27th at the Playboy Mansion and guess who will be giving her away.

You guessed it, Hugh Heffner himself.


Hey guys, she also has a spread in this upcoming February issue of Playboy so be sure to stop by your local smut mart to grab a copy.

This begs the question:

How many Eagles do you think will attend now that the ceremony is at the Mansion? Most likely ALL.

And if it were at some lame-o South Philly joint? Significantly Less then that.


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3 responses to “Breaking News – Hank and Kendra are Getting Hitched June 27th

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  2. What do you think guys? All of the Eagles will appear on their hitch. Which guy don’t wanne visit the Playboy mansion? I think every boy dreams about spending a few minutes in the grotto. This is definitively an experience which they will keep in their minds. For Kandra, all the best…