Sixers Get Robbed in Dirty Jerz

Ok so Devon Harris didn’t walk (since when is 5 steps legal), or a self pass (loses it mid air, lands, grabs it again and shoots), or is the clock operator getting paid to fix this game, CRIPES.  In the longest 1.8 seconds known to man, Devon Harris does the unthinkable… Have a look for yourself:

From a friend of a friend:
I just watched the replay on ESPN; there’s NO way he was able to do all that in 1.8; he definitely traveled, too. Do the refs have their own time kept? Nothing the Sixers can do; hope that doesn’t come back to haunt them later in the season.

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  1. Craig A

    I just heard on 610 WIP that it’s the ref’s who are controlling the start of the clock now because it used to be the home team’s responsibility. So that change was meant to keep this from happening. If you start the clock when Harris first touched the ball in bounds, I think it’s pretty close.

    My problems with this game is that you cannot miss 14 free throws. The last one Iguodala missed was irrelevant, but this was there biggest problem last year, and I remember saying to myself, “They better lock themselves in the gym all summer and practice nothing but free throws”. I’m guessing they didn’t. Under 60% is a joke.

    Secondly, Iguodala gave up on the play after making Harris bobble the ball. Yeah, he walked and passed it to himself, but AI backed off because he knew he fouled him too. If he stays on him and in his face, there’s no way he gets off a clean shot like that. Still, it’s just one game and hopefully it’s doesn’t come back to haunt them.