Sixers Win Despite Terrible Start

With the 5th seed in sight, the Sixers took on the Minnesota Timberwolves last night at the Wach. DEspite only scoring 37 points in the first half and finding themselves down by 6 at the break, the Sixers were able to take control in the 4th and ride the young buck, Thaddeus Young to victory.   A tale of two halves if you will.

Young scored 29 points and Andre Miller had 15 to lead the 76ers to a 96-88 win over the revamped Timberwolves on Wednesday night.  Revamped meaning that Kevin McHale decided it would be a good idea to get some of his bench guys a start.  He sat the entire starting 5 and went with an unusual starting five in; Brian Cardinal, Rodney Carney, Craig Smith, Kevin Ollie, and Bobby Brown.

Timberwolves 76ers Basketball

With the win the Sixers (37-33) pulled within a half-game of the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference standings. The Heat lost 90-88 at Indiana on Wednesday.


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3 responses to “Sixers Win Despite Terrible Start

  1. Craig

    Mr. Young is showing continual growth and maturity as he learns how to get his shots and score in this league. What do you think his potential is? Perennial all-star?

    Also, I’m quite enjoying this season since they’ve gotten back to playing the kind of basketball that helped them make the playoffs late last season. Which bids the question, what are they going to do next year when Brand is healthy again?

  2. Wouldnt mind seeing what we can get for Brand. I liked the idea of him coming here in the beginning, but its clear that he doesnt fit our style and they are a better team without him.

    Wouldnt mind going after Chris Bosh, FA to be.

    Yea Thad is what, 21 or 22 years old. The skies the limit for this kid.

  3. would love Chris Bosh on this team…